HomeFans: A Unique Millwall FC Experience


Last weekend was a blast for us at the Homefans headquarters.  We launched our crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube and reached 50% of our target within 48 hours!! On the other hand, we hosted a really ‘spicy’ experience for the Millwall vs. Leeds Derby for 24 travellers with the support of Millwall Football Club.

This is a Derby

It was a cold September London morning at the Den, but the group was standing before Millwall’s reception at 10:30 AM. You could feel the excitement of this revisited Derby with every single person we bumped into.

At 10:45, Jimmy Carter and Barry Rowan, former Millwall players, greeted us for the private Stadium Tour. They talked about the Old Den that could host 45,000 fans and the old stories around the Millwall legend. We visited the VIP Directors Box, the Trophy Room, the changing room (staff included) the Dugout and, of course, the Pitch.

The Fan Experience

Straight after the Tour, we went to the Fan Shop. Some travellers purchased scarves; others went for Official Millwall jackets and the Third Kit was the winner amongst them (it is a beauty).  Everyone was already pumped up for the game.

The icing on the cake was the pre-match drinking at ‘Arry’s Bar’, the official members only pub at the Den. We had some beers, mingled with the crowd and were ready for the match.

Cold Blow Lane

We wanted to have the most authentic experience and asked to be seated at the low tier of the Cold Blow Lane. We had a great view behind the goal and were right in the middle of the chants. Also, when the game started, we had a direct view of all the chants between the home and away fans. The sign “Did you miss us?” made our day. But also the great atmosphere at the stand with the “MIIIIIIILLLLL” chant or the “We are Millwall; they don’t like us – we don’t care”

Millwall beat Leeds United 1-0 and the final score astounded the fans. We had few more beers and then headed to Café Football Stratford to finish the day in the best way possible: surrounded by football, a burger and beer.

“It’s not a match; it’s an experience”

Learn more about our crowdfunding campaign: http://bit.ly/HomeFans

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